When I want to connect chromecast I get 'Chromecast launch receiver error!'

This is strange bug on GooglePlayServices API which happens to me sometimes on Android 2.3.5.

Currently I have found only one workaround. You have to export all stations (PRO version) than Uninstall application and restart mobile. After that, install application from Google Play again. (Don't be afraid that you have to pay for PRO version twice because paid application you can install/uninstall anytime without affecting your account balance)

I have several Chromecast devices but only one is randomly detected

This is a bug in version 1.6.0! Version 1.6.1 fix this. (I bought two devices for fixing and detecting problems:))

DLNA device prints dialog Unsupported file format!

Selected stream is not supported. Try use another device or DLNA software or change radio station.

After 2 minutes of playing (when screen goes off) local media player stops. (some intranet networks)

It happends with HTC DESIRE HD. Solution: Keep your mobile powered from USB cable during playing.

I have SAMSUNG TV which is discovered but does not play.

SAMSUNG uses special DLNA extension named ALLShare. Application currently does not support this.

HQ radio only supports pure DLNA implementation.